Automate your product upload and inventory management

Looking for a solution that saves you time and money? Tired of managing your inventories from various suppliers?
Integrate your inventories with Syncee! Easier to automate than ever before!


Syncee is able to download the product datafeed files from your suppliers (csv, txt, xls, database connection or manual upload) automatically or manually and it can create a datafeed to your online store.

Syncee automate product syncronizer


Syncee can upload/update the created datafeed and refresh the data in your online store.

Fully automatic: daily, weekly or per month
Manually: as many times as you want

Syncee synchronising now over 13622127 products!

Wide Range of Ecommerce platforms are supported supports the most popular ecommerce systems like Magento, Cs-Cart, OpenCart, Prestahop, WooCommerce, Shopify.

No Programming Skills Required

With our easy to use drag-and-drop field mapping system you can easily integrate your suppliers’ datafeed into your ecommerce store.

Datafeed Formats

It doesn’t matter what your suppliers’ datafeed format is, XML, CSV, XLS formats are all supported by

Great and free support

If you have any question, or you can't upload the products what you want we help you. Feel free to contact us.

Watch our tutorial video!

Our video explain you how Syncee working with Shopify and how easily you can upload products with it.

What do i need to start using Syncee?

- First of all you need an ecommerce store, like Shopify!
- You need a reliable supplier who can give you product feed (csv, xml, txt, json..etc)
- Now you are ready to use our app. In Shopify it is enough to install Syncee Shopify app.

Discover great feautres

field mapping

Product variants support

Now Syncee can create product variants in Shopify! You can add product feed with variants options like color, size etc and Syncee can handle this in your Shopify store.

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New Dashboard with tasks

You can add your supplier feed easily and create a task with it. It's simple, one task, one supplier. If you have more than one suplier you can create a new task and add unique property of this tasks, like price margins, filters, scheduler the inventory management and so on.

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field mapping

Easy-to-use Field Mapping

Syncee uses easy-to-use, simple dropdown to connect the supplier product fields to your online store product fields.

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Easy-to-use step-by-step wizard

Our new easy-to-use step-by-step wizard help you to create tasks. One task is one supplier, so it's the simpliest way to upload and syncronize your products to your store.

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new task
product filters

Add unique filters to your task

Our step-by-step system allows you to add unique filters of your supplier product feed. You can use this product catalog management to filter the supplier feed products and upload just those products do you whant in to your store.

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Professional Suppliers

We collected the best suppliers for you, so you don't have to waste your time.

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new task

Supported file upload methods

We have many connection methods to your suppliers’ datafeed, like URL, manual FILE UPLOAD, FTP upload, DROPBOX URL upload, GOOGLE DRIVE URL upload, ONEDRIVE URL upload etc, E-mail upload and SOAP connection is coming soon.


Use our Shopify app
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We are in Shopify App store

Join our satisfied users, and give us another 5 stars review! You find our app here: Syncee Shopify app

Use your Supplier feed

Haven't you got a Shopify-ready product feed? No problem! Our app can read other formats too.


User-friendly dashboard

With Our new dashboard you can easily manage your tasks, and got information with your uploads and updates.

We use Shopify API

Syncee use Shopify API to connect with your Shopify store. So it's safe and stable.

Reliable Suppliers

Dropshipping doesn't have to be dangerous! We heard a lot of story about disappearing suppliers. Don't risk your good reputation!

Brand Distribution

New platforms are under development! supports the most popular ecommerce systems like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Cs-Cart, OpenCart, Prestahop. The new platforms are under development


Choose our plans

No Credit Card, No Obligation, No Risk!

Install our Shopify app and use it Free Trial for 7 days!

  • NANO
  • Use Syncee to upload and sync your first 500 products
  • $19 / month
  • Step-by-step wizard
  • Manual update/task (1/day)
  • Automatic update/task (1/day)
  • Unlimited Vendor creating
  • Max. SKU: 500
  • Signup
  • Use Syncee for your small online store
  • $29 / month
  • Step-by-step wizard
  • Manual update/task (1/day)
  • Automatic update/task (1/day)
  • Unlimited Vendor creating
  • Max. SKU: 1000
  • Signup
  • MINI
  • Use Syncee for your growing store
  • $39 / month
  • Step-by-step wizard
  • Manual update/task (1/day)
  • Automatic update/task (1/day)
  • Unlimited Vendor creating
  • Max. SKU: 3000
  • Signup
  • Use Syncee for your big online store
  • $69 / month
  • Step-by-step wizard
  • Manual update/task (1/day)
  • Automatic update/task (1/day)
  • Unlimited Vendor creating
  • Max. SKU: 5000
  • Signup

For more plans please install our app:

Syncee Shopify App

What our clients say

"Even if we will not use Syncee for now, If you are a drop shipping company looking for a simple and cheap solution, Syncee is designed for you. It's very easy to sync your inventory with the supplier(s). The inventory is updated in real time and they can manage product variations, has accurate price settings and can integrate pictures with the description, which is f.. awesome. The support will help you to do this properly with dedication and kindness. You also can manage multiple suppliers sources for a cheap price, as they propose 5.000 SKU for 65$, one of the best offer on the market right now. To resume the app in 3 words: Efficient, Ergonomic and friendly."
"I had to give these guys Five Stars and I have had the Syncee app installed for less than 24 hours. I already love it. I have tried about 4 different apps to do the same job and all of them required set up by the app developer and none of them synced Product Images. But Syncee synced all my images and did everything much more quickly than any other any of the other apps I have used! I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for the most user friendly way to Sync Your Dropship suppliers inventory to your shop!"
Shopify Syncee User
"This app is great, the support and service is the best we've had from any app on shopify. They are quick, and they help with custom jobs, we would definitely recommend this app to anyone looking for a product importer."
Shopify Syncee User
"I'm very impressed with Syncee, Very helpful guys .. thanks!"
Shopify Syncee User
"I'm pretty happy with the result. Way to go!"
Tres Fancy
Shopify Syncee User
"What I really liked is their customer care service, they are really kind and they solve almost all your problems in a few time."
Boxeddreams Com
Shopify Syncee User
Syncee Shopify experts

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We are a certified Shopify expert partner with deep understanding of the platform from front-end to back-end. We glad to help you solve products and other issues with your Shopify store. If you need help just write us an email and we anwser you as soon as possible!

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