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Import through the Supplier Exchange

Find you niche and your drop shipping and remote warehousing supplier in the Supplier Exchange. Import from the listed suppliers with only a few clicks to develop your store and to increase your cusomer base. You can also schedule and automate the import and the update of the chosen products.

Import your products from a file

Synchronize your data feed file to your Shopify store’s inventory. You can insert and update your products from your supplier’s data feed file and keep your store’s inventory up-to-date. Map the product data with Shopify’s store fields, filter the products, add price margin and connect the items to your collections. Automate and schedule it any time you want.



Export your products from your store into a file

Syncee allows you to export products into any CSV structure, automate and schedule it daily, which helps you to become a real remote warehouse supplier. Connect Shopify’s store fields with your new data feed file’s headers, filter the products you do not want to export.

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Unique Product Import Features

Automatic Currency Exchange

Syncee recognizes the default currency of your Shopify store and converts your supplier’s currency to your store’s, so you do not have to do the maths anymore.

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Filter products

Filter products you do not want to upload to your store. Filter by SKU, Vendor, Product type or ID. Remove products from the queue that does not have an image in the feed.

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Set price ranges

If your products’ value varies from a couple of dollars till hundreds of dollars, you can create price ranges and add fixed and percentage-based margin for each of them.

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Excellent Software and Enthusiastic Support

Join thousands of satisfied customers, who use Syncee globally.

We have recently migrated our store from WooCommerce to Shopify. The Syncee team helped us in the migration process, so all our products became online in Shopify with all the variants, etc. in just a few hours. The other amazing thing is we could extend our product portfolio from few hundreds to thousands of products.

Dora Torok
Dora Torok

Great App, cool list of suppliers and amazing customer support. Got helped by the team and they went an extra mile! Just opened my shop and put test orders on suppliers and will report back on how efficient the suppliers are! As for Syncee Team, you are the best and compared to none! I am so glad I found you guys


Without Syncee we couldn’t become a drop ship supplier from a retailer. They generate the export data feed every day what our dropshipping customers can easily use in their store to import our products. Syncee can even help us to import our data feed into our customer store and update their stock and price every day.

Gitta Safrany
Gitta Safrany

Those guys man, they help me solve a huge problem with our catalog. In less than one hour they set it up and upload some sample products straight from our CSV file. I’m signing up for a monthly plan right now. I def recommend them. No brainer.


This app is amazing. It saves me so much time. I have had the app for 2-3 days now and my life is already changed.


Syncee is a fantastic app that saves us a lot of time and energy. But even more important the support is outstanding. They reply really fast and detailed and they help with every topic.


Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Help Center for more information.

What is Syncee exactly?

It is a cloud-based application, that you can use to manage your product import and inventory settings of your Shopify store. Apart from adding and updating products, you can automate the process, filter products and manage the price of the products using Syncee.

What is the difference between Shopify’s bulk import and Syncee?

Shopify’s bulk import only accepts CSV, it cannot be scheduled, cannot add price margin or convert the currency. Moreover, it cannot be used in case of a bigger amount of products.

Which plan I need if I have 2000 products?

If you want to update or upload 2000 products, you need our Mini plan, which enables you to run each task once manually and once automatically a day. If you would like to update it more than once, you need to multiply the product amount. For example, if you want to update it 3x a day, you will need to subscribe to our Business Plan.


Which plan I need if I want to import 2000 products and export 7000?

You need to add these numbers together, which will give you the product amount you need to check when purchasing a plan. This would be 9000 products so you need to purchase our Business Plan.

I have an API or SOAP connection. What shoul I do?

If you have API or SOAP connection, please contact Syncee’s support staff. We can access the data feed file by custom development.

How many times can I run the same task?

You can run the same task 5 times manually and once automatically every day. If you need more daily run, contact the support staff.

How can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

If you would like to change your plan, login to your Syncee Dashboard, go to Subscriptions, and choose another plan from our wide variety of plans. Contact our Support staff if you have more products than what we included in our plans.

Can Syncee identify the products in my store and update them?

Absolutely. All you need to do is to correctly map the source file’s fields to Shopify’s store fields and set the condition based on what Syncee can identify the products and prduct variants. It can be by barcode, SKU, product title or handle.

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