As a retailer, it can be hard to find suppliers for your e-commerce, drop shipping business. Here we give you a list that contains wholesalers from Canada.

Finding a supplier who works with drop shipping is essential. It’s also important to find one who does it in the best way. A supplier who is reliable, dedicated, stable, who suits your business, and last but not least offers products that you really want to sell, of course. You can read more about suppliers and business here and here in our previous articles.

In our list below you can find drop shippers, wholesalers, and suppliers who use remote warehouse service.

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There are more ways how you can find new drop shippers and suppliers. For example by searching on Google, visiting online forums, attending trade shows or exhibitions. Also, ordering from a competitor to find out who he works with, using directories and so on. Wholesalers don’t really advertise themselves so you need to dig deep.

Here below we make this a bit easier for you!

We show you a list that gives you some advice about who you could work with, in several categories. These are responsible suppliers, drop shippers from Canada.

If you want to integrate products from any of these suppliers, get in touch with them, then contact us so that we can help you synchronize the received data feed with your Shopify store! These are just suggested suppliers, please note that certain suppliers’ data needs unique development from us.


…that is a catalog in Syncee’s system. There you can import products from the chosen supplier that is included in the list there with just a few clicks. It’s fast and easy, there’s nothing to worry about. We did everything beforehand, as for the first steps of the product management process. Click here to read more.

The highlighted suppliers below can be found in the Syncee Supplier Exchange!

Install Syncee to attain the in-app supplier directory with trustworthy wholesalers, drop shippers!

The listed suppliers are only recommendations.

Drop Shipping Companies, Suppliers Categories of Products
Allure Lingerie Lingerie
Bethel International Lighting, Furniture, Accessories
Brunelli Home Décor
Grover Essentials Inc. Furniture, Home and Garden Décor
Kanata Blanket Co. Blanket
Prepac Ready-to-assemble furniture
SexToyDropShipping Adult Products
Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing
Sweetlegs Leggings

Come back later, our list is constantly updated!

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