Sales functions are evolving as technology is evolving. There’s a lot of methods now that e-commerce entrepreneurs can use to scale up their business results. Let’s take a look at some tweaks!

Artificial Intelligence and automation will assist and replace many of the repetitive sales tasks, such as scheduling calls with clients or managing CRM data. Inbound marketing has grown from merely assisting outside sales to now acquiring and closing major deals. Perhaps the most important change is the influence of search engine optimization (SEO) on sales and the direct correlation between a strong online presence and better sales. Standing out from the hordes of content online to rank high on Google’s search engines is not easy but these tweaks are sure to point you in the right direction.

This is a quick review of some most considerable points in being noticeable with your online Shopify store, no matter what products you sell.

5 easy tweaks to double your sales in one year

  1. Effective Call to Action
  2. Blogging with a purpose
  3. Social Media as a potent marketing tool
  4. SEO for mobile devices
  5. White Hat SEO is the way to go
Effective Call to Action

Good content equates more leads, right? Not quite. There is nothing more frustrating than creating well-researched content with optimal and well thought out keyword placement only to find that it generates a minimal Click-Through Rate. More often than not, the problem lies less in the content and more in the lack effective Call to Action (CTA) practices.

A CTA exists mainly to get visitors to part with their contact info in exchange for a free service or product. Using run of the mill words like “subscribe”, “purchase”, and “download” will only defeat the purpose of the CTA by blending in with the rest of the content. Making use of unique words and phrases that highlight the benefits of your service will ensure a much higher Click-Through Rate. Images pack a bigger punch than words especially in the context of CTAs. A visual-based CTA is proven to grab attention better than a plain text one and even more significant when taken in to account that 55% of viewers spend only 15 seconds or less on a website.

Blogging with a purpose

Blogs are a great way to drive traffic and generate leads to your website but blogging without a plan is akin to driving without a map. You might reach your destination but take the longest winding route in the process. Blogging must start with defining an objective for your blog and working towards achieving it. A b2b blog might focus on customer enrichment with lead conversion as the end goal whereas a fashion blog’s sole purpose might be to drive traffic to their website. Marketing your blog is an ongoing task and a specialty in itself. It requires collaborative efforts from the SMO (Social Media Optimization) team, SEO team, and the blogger to drive steady traffic to the website.

Social media as a potent marketing tool

The top social media sites together contain billions of users worldwide which set the stage for a successful SEO campaign if planned right. The importance of good content cannot be stressed enough. Create engaging and useful content that addresses common questions and establishes you as a leading source of reliable information. Regularly analyzing the content while studying social media trends will ensure your content is up to date with your target audience. An eye-catching headline is bound to draw users to your article on a busy social media page that is filled with videos, news articles, images and the like. A good headline can make the difference between your posts being read or getting lost in the sea of information online.

SEO for mobile devices

The importance of having a mobile-friendly website layout cannot be overstated. Poor font style, bad layouts, confusing themes will ensure that visitors give your website a miss. The key is in using simple designs with a focus on touch-friendly navigation options such as drop-down menus. Responsiveness is another key factor that will decide how much time visitors will spend on your website. Google Chrome’s free extension Lighthouse generates detailed reports that rates website performance in five categories – Performance, Progressive Web App, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO. It measures and provides ways to improve performance indices such as loading speed and web page accessibility by following Google’s best practices for optimizing website performance.

White Hat SEO is the way to go

Content has always been at the heart of SEO and good content will funnel traffic to your website. White Hat SEO abides by Google’s search engine rules and focuses on circulating good quality, informative content on the web, riding on the buzz created on social media, and generating website traffic in the process. All good things come to those who wait and this holds true for SEO too. White Hat SEO takes time and patience but yields long-lasting results that reflect in search engine rankings. Black Hat techniques, on the other hand, make use of not so clean methods such as keyword stuffing, invisible text, and comment spamming to rank higher.

Before we sign off

Good content is integral to the success of an SEO campaign and shortcuts such as keyword stuffing and content spamming can only go so far when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Content that is informative, that has wide appeal, and backed by a good promotional campaign will automatically generate high-quality links, shares, and eventually leads. However, quality content needs to be supported by an optimally functioning website, and the above tweaks will provide a better understanding of how content affects SEO campaigns.

These are not everything, it’s a never-ending list. Besides these five tweaks, however, we have to recommend another useful thing to do. If you are thinking about getting more sales, in a wider spectrum, you have to use good applications too from the Shopify’s application store. If you use Syncee, you can manage your products automatically, you can do the imports and updates with it. If you do this management process automatically and not manually, you can have more products in your online store, you can target more customers, there’s a wider choice they can choose from. Manual management won’t take your time and money, you won’t have stress, won’t have to hire more people to do the imports and updates for you. If you have more quality products and use SEO right, you can appear in more Google search results.

Last but not least, if you want to learn more about what can you do if you have traffic but no sales, check out our other article for many other tips.