Are you tired of hassling with source files? You don’t want to manually choose products from marketplaces one by one anymore? Let me introduce you to the Syncee Supplier Exchange.

Syncee is offering an awesome new feature since the spring of 2018, which is a recent and rare approach in the market. Spoiler alert: The feature’s technical logic is outstanding!

We have developed a catalog, which already contains 60+ suppliers from all around the globe. If you are interested, read on to find out how it works and why is it advantageous for different users.


Syncee Supplier Exchange

The basic idea behind the Supplier Exchange (SSE) is to connect Shopify merchants and their vendors in a transparent platform and to simplify the process of product management for them even more. If you have used Syncee before, you already know that the software is uploading and updating products from source files, such as CSV, XML, XLS(X), TXT, JSON. If you are using our import service with these data feeds, don’t worry, it is still available and we are constantly working to improve it as well. However, we took product management to a new level, where Shopify sellers do not need to gather these files, or connect it to Shopify, because it is all already done for them. What they only need to do is to sign in to their dashboard, go to the Suppliers menu and check out what we offer.

How does it work?

Merchants can browse the inventory and preview the items that are sold by the chosen supplier. When they have found their settled choice, they can filter the products of the supplier using our filter functions. In the Basic Filter, they are able to choose the products they would like to sell or using the Advanced Filter, they can select products, based on different criteria, like SKU, Vendor or Product Type. If you want to know more about the filters read our related articles in the Help Center. After this step, they are able to modify the pricing of the products. Merchants are free to add any margin, which can be an extra percentage or a fixed amount of markup, or both of them at the same time. What is more, rounding the prices is also possible.


Then, they are able to schedule the update of the products whenever they want. There is one technical thing we need to mention here. By default, the import tasks generated by SSE when you select your supplier is set to Upsert. What is upsert? It means that Syncee will upload all new products to the store and update existing ones. This is important because if you schedule the running of your SSE tasks, Syncee will add those products to your store which are new in the supplier feed. How to evade this if you don’t want to have those products? Choose Update in your SSE task after uploading all of them and before scheduling the new updates. There are many other technical things you can read about in our SSE Help Center.

Easy, isn’t it? But do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything.


Using the Supplier Exchange you can make the import process a lot faster. Your chosen products will be in your store after the upload is complete. The long-awaited products are now available for your target market. Now it has been enough of being technical, let’s see why does it worth for different SSE users to be part of this platform.

Benefits for suppliers

If you are a drop shipping or wholesale supplier, you can easily enrich your customer base by being featured in the Supplier Exchange. Registered Syncee users will be able to access your products and import them to their store. Only with a few clicks. This opportunity is totally free for the suppliers, we are happy to list your company for free of charge, it is only the Shopify merchants who need to pay for importing products using Syncee. This is how we help you to get more sales while we make the job of Shopify merchants easier with a varied and neat inventory. Reach more audience with this solution and take advantage of the free marketing opportunities we offer. We are also sending weekly newsletters to dealers about our supplier offers, so there is a good chance your company will reach even more people.

How to be featured?

At this point, you might already have several questions about the method and what do we need for the integration. All you need to send us is a source file, CSV, TXT, JSON, XML or XLS(X) through a link or FTP which contains all the necessary product data the buyers need in an online store. For instance, Title, Price, Quantity, Description, Image (it needs to be available for Syncee through a URL, e.g. Dropbox), Barcode, SKU or Handle. We can help you if wish, just contact us. Moreover, you need to send us a short description of your company, where you are located and where you are shipping. You can apply as a supplier on this designated page, please fill out the application form here. Our staff will check your application ASAP.

The process

You are not a supplier, but interested in becoming one? Check out this article how you can do it! We are here to guide you through the process.

We take care of regular product updates, so the Shopify sellers and their visitors will always see the latest product info. What is more, do not worry about not getting your subscription from these merchants. In order to fulfill their orders, they will need to go to your site and register as your partner. Then, they will definitely pay the sum of money that you require. You don’t want online store owners to import your products until they have paid you the fee? It is not a problem, we also have a solution for this approach. We will play a middle-man in this case and connect you with these prospects. Please contact us, and we will give you more information.


Advantages for Shopify sellers

With the use of the Supplier Exchange, you can forget about choosing products manually from marketplaces, like eBay or AliExpress. Additionally, you can forget about gathering source files from your suppliers or browsing hundreds of websites. We already have 60+ suppliers in our inventory whose products you can check out and import with a few clicks. This list is continuously growing. You don’t have to hassle with the upload, mapping or any other settings of the data because we have done everything for you beforehand. Product import couldn’t be easier. You can filter which products you would like to use, and customize the price margin as you wish. You can automate and schedule the product updates, so your customers will always see the newest product data. We are also keeping our inventory up-to-date, so you will get the freshest information with each update. The pricing remained the same, even though we are offering a lot easier and simpler solution. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions about the process. However, you can read our Help Center articles about the SSE whenever you want.

Assets for customers

Well, the benefits for customers are not so salient than that for suppliers and Shopify merchants, but we are guaranteeing always-synchronized product details, so they will never purchase products which are out of stock or have out-dated info. What is more, as the Shopify store owner is reselling the products of a real supplier, not of other retailers from marketplaces, the prices for the same products are lower.

All things considered, this is a great opportunity for all members involved in drop shipping and the e-commerce cycle. I can’t stop emphasizing that you can always contact us. We will do our best to answer your questions ASAP.