Syncee is on the market since 2015, however, it became a Shopify partner in March 2017. It is our one-year anniversary as an application there. Read on to find out what our service has reached, and what functions are ready to use for you.

Syncee is a product managing application that does product import, export, update and upsert for online Shopify stores. Now we just elaborate the features and improvements Syncee has got since the past—a bit more than—one year, as an application at one of the biggest e-commerce platforms, Shopify. Since the beginning, our software is among the top rated services at the Shopify App Store. Now you can find it in the Finding and adding products category, Finding suppliers subcategory. We have already got more than 230 reviews there, this number is constantly growing, and as for the opinions, they are 99% positive.

There are a lot of interesting things that happened with our software. We reached many successes, our team is growing, we are always evolving, and our most important aim is to be user-friendly. This application exists to make the users’, merchants’ life and work easier, so it’s obvious that we have to listen to anything they think about Syncee. In this business, it’s essential and natural.

Let’s see our overview, the one-year retrospection!

Beginning of 2017

The intensive growth in Syncee’s life began at the beginning of 2017. Initially, the system could only work with simple products, there wasn’t variant managing that means a product has only one variant, not more. For example like a keyboard or any electrical gadgets, that don’t have more colors or sizes to choose from are items that don’t have more variants. When the variant management has been released, new opportunities showed up in the company’s life. Since then, Syncee can meet a wide range of needs.

Autumn 2017

In Autumn 2017, among other features, Syncee improved the filtering process of the products. After the system has imported the feed file of the supplier, the users can check it out in Syncee’s own platform, and since last Fall, they can browse it with pictures. It’s not just more attractive but also more useful. It’s easier to select the products—as for what the user wants to show in the Shopify store—in this way. Well, it is another step for being user-friendly more and more.

Our team has also grown with four passionate people.

January 2018

The first days of the year meant several remarkable changes in the life of the application. Among other things, the website and the dashboard of the application got a new design that is more neat and user-friendly. Furthermore, we added important features and made changes too. This is the Syncee V3.3 that we are still using from 01/01/2018. These were some added functions:

  • Higher product managing speed of your Shopify store, tasks run faster.
  • Product Import new features:
  • Awesome new “Basic products filter”.
  • Added “Updating basic mapping settings” to the Field mapping step.
  • Added “Custom field(s)”, you can add all products a custom value.
  • Added “hide” product which is not in the source file when updating the products.
  • Added “hide” products which have 0 quantity in the file when updating the products.
  • Added more product number information to the summary page.

February 2018

In February, we released the variants update function. It means you don’t have to update all data of your products, you can select from them if you don’t need new products. You can choose, whether you want to update only the prices or the quantity etc. You don’t need every data for this process. The system can work with less information as for already uploaded products. Briefly: only the chosen product variant will be updated, and not every data.

In this months we were highlighted on Shopify App Store among the applications and many more merchants found us as usual. This was a great chance for us.

April 2018

In spring 2018 Syncee released one of it’s biggest new feature in a long time. This is the Syncee Supplier Exchange (SSE). The aim of this service is to connect wholesalers/drop shippers with retailers. It helps suppliers to be in a larger field of the market, it helps retailers to do the product managing in an easier way, and get to know reliable companies within a short time. It’s good for us because we can do management processes for businessmen and -women.

Syncee Supplier Exchange is a supplier catalog that you can find by installing our application from the Shopify App Store and clicking on the appropriate button in our dashboard. Using the SSE means retailers can import products from the chosen supplier—that is already on our list—with just a few clicks. All of Syncee’s basic features are working in the backstage of the Supplier Exchange. We have more than 60 drop shippers, wholesalers in our catalog now, this number is constantly growing. You can browse the list and see previews of the products, and information about the certain company.

As for the suppliers, they can apply to be a part of this service by clicking here. All we need is a data feed file in CSV, XML, XLS(X), JSON or TXT that we can import and manage, with the right fields. You can read more in our other article.

May 2018

In May, our company released the export function. It’s beneficial because from now, you are able to export the data from your Shopify store into a file. However, we don’t export orders, we only export product data. There is nothing to worry about. It’s good if you want to move your e-store onto another platform or site, or anything. Last but not least, it’s good if you have a Shopify store and you want to become a supplier. With Syncee, you can export the necessary product data from your online store into a CSV. This would be your data feed file you, as a supplier, can give to retailers to get your products. This is the file we use when you are becoming a partner of Syncee Supplier Exchange too. You can export that certain data you want from your Shopify store.

At the end of May, beginning of June we expanded our import running feature. We learned from the request of our partners and we increased the quantity of the daily product update number. From this moment on, every plan includes 5 manual and 1 scheduled running of each task/day instead of the 1+1.

More about us in general

Syncee has more than 5,000 users from 77 countries, and from over 1,600 cities now and this number is just growing. In general, without technical details, the reasons why this application is beneficial to use are the followings.

What are the general reasons why it is worth using Syncee briefly?

  • You can save time and money you can forget about manual uploads.
  • You can have more products.
  • You can have more customers.
  • You can keep your store up-to-date.
  • You can manipulate the data of your files so that you can get beautiful products in your store.

Merchants can save time and money using Syncee. How? Think about manual product managing, this is the process our software can set you free from. You don’t have to waste time for doing imports and updates manually, you would have to do it all-day-long. Also, you don’t have to waste money on it, which means you don’t have to hire many people to do the management process. Syncee does everything automatically for you. Another reason why this Shopify app is advantageous is that you can have more products in your online store, you can have more customers and as for it, you can get more income. It is also because of the automated product managing. If you don’t do it manually, you can let yourself have more items, you don’t have to worry about the numbers and time. And if you have more products you can be found by a larger field, you can be a bigger participant on the market. Of course, you can be successful by having, for example, only 30 products, it depends on the situation and the uniqueness of your product. What’s more? Your products and store can be more neat and up-to-date.

A bit of technical information that is useful is that we count product number and not variant SKU. It means that the pricing of Syncee is based on the item number and this way you can save money with an application like this, you don’t have that much expense. Furthermore, Syncee has full variant support.

Our product managing application has several pricing plans to choose from. We created many in the last year so that it can be more comfortable to the users. These are the followings—it can be tempting:

  • Trial: first 30 products are free for 7 days
  • Nano Plan: 500 products for $19/month
  • Micro Plan: 1,000 products for $29/month
  • Mini Plan: 3,000 products for $39/month
  • Basic Plan: 5,000 products for $69/month
  • Business Plan: 10,000 products for $99/month
  • Plus Plan: 20,000 products for $129/month
  • Professional Plan: 30,000 products for $199/month
  • Enterprise Plan: 50,000 products for $249/month
  • Enterprise Plus Plan: 100,000 products for $499/month

The part of our story is that we were participating in several national e-commerce events inter alia Evolution Conference, eTrends Expo, webshop meetups in our country, we were on the radio, and we published our articles on several e-commerce sites, also, e-commerce news pages wrote about us and made interviews with us. We are always happy if we can have the chance to show our service and share the knowledge we have about e-stores.

If you want to learn more about Syncee you have many options to do so. We are available on many platforms:

You can contact our support team via our in-app chat, in the bottom right corner of this site if you click on the little blue chat icon. Furthermore, you can hit us up at

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