The Syncee Team released a new version to give our customers a better experience while they are using the application to find their suppliers and to manage products. See what has changed.

We take version control very seriously, as we always aim to deliver the most powerful tool for all Shopify users for product management. Obviously, we cannot do it without proper updates. Our developer team released the latest version of Syncee, containing several technical improvements with other UX additions. Let’s take a look at these.

What does the new version contain?

  • We added a counter to each task you have, so you now know how many times you can run them that day. All tasks can be run 5 times manually, which is included in every plan.
  • New pop-up window for first-entry users for easier navigation.
  • Product export is faster than before.
  • We adjusted Syncee’s services to Shopify’s new multi-location API change. Now Syncee can manage inventory quantities arriving from more warehouses.
  • We can now connect to Windows servers too using FTP.
  • Debugging.

Our team doesn’t stop here. We are always working to make our service better and better every day. It doesn’t matter whether it is front-end or back-end development, we are always striving for the best. Our roadmap for the next upcoming months contains many-many serious developments and improvements that will make our service even better. Many of them are based on user requests, so if you find something that you think could be solved in a more practical way, feel free to write to us. We take customer request very seriously, and they occupy an exclusive place on our priority list.

With this improvement, we have made the app even more user-friendly, and our topmost objective when designing them was to make Syncee and product management even easier for the users. Bettering Syncee to handle the new Shopify API multi-location changes was of utmost importance. As no application can work in the Shopify App store anymore who manages quantity without having this.

Stay tuned for new Syncee updates and quality articles!