There are many applications in the Shopify App Store that do product management processes, however, not all of them are the same. You need to find the best for your needs so that you can run your business efficiently.

You can read the advantages of this service here, and what other similar systems don’t have. We won’t mention each feature of Syncee in this article. For a detailed information about this application, we are going to give you some help and sources to read at the end of this post.

product managing with a cup of tea

Product number not variant SKU

Syncee’s pricing is based on the number of products you import to your site and not on the number of the variant SKUs of products. It’s beneficial because other apps’ pricing is based on variant SKUs which means you have to pay way more money for product managing, especially if the items have a lot of variants.

What are the variants? If a certain product is available in more color or size or anything that makes a difference that means that the product has more variants.

Excellent, swift support, super team

Our team is supportive. We have excellent and swift customer support, we solve every problem that people have. Moreover, we help with everything we can with our e-commerce advice. However, we, the team members, are supportive with each other too, we are all team workers and help each other, no matter what. It means that our service can work in an absolutely efficient way.

Good pricing

We have nine pricing plans and a free trial. Each of them is user-friendly in an international context. The free trial is also worth to give a time for, it lasts for 7 days.

In-app supplier directory

Using Syncee you don’t have to worry about where to get suppliers from to work with. It can be a bit stressful to browse a bunch of pages of the Google results looking for a supplier who can fulfill your needs. One that has quality, unique and cool products, an adequate, always updated data feed file in the required file format through an appropriate file source. Also, who offers drop shipping, and whose location is near you, or the same as yours. With our in-app directory, Syncee Supplier Exchange, retailers can browse the list checking every useful information about the companies, and taking a look at their products.

Help in finding a supplier

Our team not only helps with its supplier directory to find the best supplier for your needs. We also have a supplier list you can download, and there are 5 online lists on our blog that you can browse. All of them are categorized by location and by the type of the products.

All major file types accepted

You can add CSV, JSON, XML, XLS(X) and TXT to Syncee’s wizard. Use the easy-to-use drag and drop box to upload the files from your computer, or choose from other solutions, see below. Set the settings specific to the file type and save them, so you do not have to worry about it again.

Wide-range of file sources supported

It does not matter how your supplier stores your products’ data, you can import the data feed file using a URL, secured URL, File upload, SFTP, FTP, Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive and One Drive. If you have API or SOAP connection, contact our support staff.


Upsert function

You can not just simply upload and update products with Syncee into your Shopify store, but it’s possible to do those at the same time. The name of this certain operation is upsert. By choosing this function, the application uploads the new products from the supplier’s file and updates the existing ones in your store when the managing task is correct and running.

Automated Currency Exchange

You can automate the currency exchange process as for your supplier’s one and the currency you use in your Shopify store. Syncee manages dozens of currencies.

Price margin

You can set a price margin on your products. You can sell the items for the price you wish. Retailers can customize the prices with a fixed margin and/or with a percentage based price. Moreover, it’s possible to create price ranges.

User-friendly interface

Syncee’s UI (user interface) was created to provide an outstanding UX (user experience) to our customers. When subscribed, people interact with every aspect of our service. We want them to know exactly how to maintain the processes they want to make. You can find a step-by-step onboarding on our dashboard that helps you more if you get puzzled. We are always developing it so that it can always be the best for our users’ needs.

No product limitation

What about the number of the products that retailers can manage with Syncee? There is no upper limit, only the chosen plan defines it.

Scheduling updates and uploads

It’s possible to schedule the running of a task in Syncee. You have a lot of setting options. By the way, you still have the opportunity to run them manually.

Everything is automated

If consecutive failures happen to you, then there is no need to worry anymore. Syncee helps you to get rid of manual product management. We always broaden the features that ease the retailers’ work.


Become a supplier with Syncee

Syncee does export for those Shopify stores who have a built wholesale or drop ship model around their business. It’s easy as one, two, three. The updates are constantly running, so there’s no need to worry about these factors. These retailers, who want to become suppliers, will be listed in our in-app directory, Syncee Supplier Exchange, if our team approves their application.

Working with real suppliers, not with marketplaces

Most of the product managing applications work with products from marketplaces like eBay, Amazon or AliExpress. However, we only work with those suppliers’ product data that are working on their own, and selling unique, quality products. As for our in-app supplier directory, it’s easy to find a company whose location is the same as yours.

Extended support, help

Syncee’s team not only supports the product managing and the process of finding a responsible supplier who has quality products and service. We also have a blog where we usually publish our own articles to help online store owners—or those who want to become one—, to run their business successfully. The topics that you can find among the writings are wide-ranged. Do not forget about our Help Center filled with hundreds of useful articles.

No lost money, no stress

If you have ever worried about how much time and money you spend on updating your products manually or with other apps that are poor in quality and only causes stress, then those are premonitory signs. You should give a try to Syncee that has a 7-day-long free trial.

We can also say that paying money for an application takes precedence over spending a lot of time with manual product managing, also consider the amounts of money.

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