The changes in the world of marketing are tectonic. They change so fast, it is almost impossible to keep in pace. And yet, there are marketing leaders that don’t just survive in this busy, competitive market. They succeed so often and so greatly, it gives others a feeling of awe and a sense of magic. In other words, they are considered the wizards and shamans in marketing.

The face of marketing changes so fast, you hear about new trends and tricks on a daily basis. This is only expected considering the impact of software and technology on marketing strategies. The more technology and software advance, the more changes we see in how we market brands and products on the web.

This makes it impossible to stay ahead and beat the competition. Marketers from all around the world try and try, but still, only the wizards and shamans seem to have it all figured out. Using the thousands of marketing outlets online and offline is hard on its own, not to mention the hundreds of new and old tips and tricks we read all around the web.

“If you go online and try to learn what’s trending in the marketing world nowadays, you will come across two types of content – one that praises the new and rejects the old strategies altogether, and ones that claim that the old strategies are still the best for you. The truth is somewhere in the middle, and it remains for the marketer to find it” – says Brody Pierce, writer at AssignmentMasters.

It is time to become more realistic. No one says that you need to remove all the tricks you have under your sleeve or stop reading about new marketing trends. This helps significantly, but the fact is – everyone does it. However, if you want to stand out and join the wizards and shamans of marketing, you need to make your own choices and go ahead of the ever-changing marketing industry.

To do so, you might want to take the following suggestions into consideration.


Marketers seem to make a hassle around communication but the truth is, not everyone knows its fundamentals. Being a great marketer equals being an excellent communicator. In other words, you must find your way toward understanding and learning various interaction methods, and utilizing them specifically when needed.

So, instead of listening to individual pieces of advice on how to communicate and engage with the audience, go broad. Don’t just focus on replying to comments or sending out e-mails to the target audience. The power of the marketing shamans doesn’t lie in reading the right tips or tricks. It lies in reading as much as they can and using all they see as smart and successful.

Based on the messages you are trying to relay, use your own communication method. Try to evoke some emotion when needed. Inspire action when an action is expected. Drive a conversation when customers need to talk. Simply, find the pivotal tool to reach the audience.


It is all about the trends, at least to the customers. So, instead of just focusing on what marketing experts say and trying to copy their successful strategies, make a combo of trends to succeed on your own. You are the person who creates a path that works for your brand.

Check out the industry to see what works there. The plethora of tips for mobile-friendly marketing is all around the web, so they are definitely worth looking into. And not just those – it seems like voice search and AI are on the front line right now – so why miss out on the opportunity to combine all buzzwords for your brand?


Speaking of outdated marketing efforts, here comes a big one – marketing serving for the sole purpose of selling. Instead of it, marketing has turned into an automated process. In order to get everything done and step ahead of the competition, you simply must get some assistance. No marketer is so big a wizard that they can handle it all and achieve grand results with it.

Lead the automation – it is the best tool you have to succeed today. Customers have begun to see it as a standard and make it their expectation. Believing that automation ruins your strategy and makes it less personal is very wrong. How do you know this?

Well, all marketing wizards seem to use it.

Automatization creates a myriad of end-to-end experiences with customers. It puts brands ahead of the competition and achieves things you cannot achieve on your own. If you want to make for a great digital experience, you better start exploring and leading your automation.

Innovations and Updates

At each point of your marketing career, there will be upcoming trends and new updates. The best time for innovations is right now. Instead of trying to focus it all on the trends and the buzzwords, why not include a bit of innovation into your well-created marketing strategy?

Use tools to push the marketing automation to an innovative level. Get into the world of voice search and artificial intelligence with a fresh mind. Looking at the latest innovations and trends in software and social media should be your inspiration, not only your guidance.

Stay on top of it at all times, but don’t be afraid to make a change. The worst thing marketers can do is attempt to copy a marketing wizard’s strategy from start to finish, or rely on a single article or two to build their brand. The goal is to make a unique brand that stands out from a big, big crowd because otherwise – how do you expect it to be chosen and recognized?


There’s no such thing as wizards, not even in the marketing world. Those who succeed in their marketing endeavors aren’t just lucky. They are same as you, but more courageous. To become one of them and be seen as a marketing shaman, analyze the landscape. Research the market, the competition and its trends. Then, use it to paint your own marketing masterpiece.