Wherever you look, technology is making great strides in changing the way we shop, browse, connect with people, the way we do business, and ultimately, the way we exist.

Innovation is the backbone of almost every single industry out there, and it’s no wonder, considering that convenience and cost-effectiveness are today’s pillars of customer satisfaction, with more people turning to online stores in search of what they need. E-commerce has become the norm, and with it, new tech continuously finds ways to make it even more appealing, purposeful, and customer-centered.

On the other end of the spectrum, e-commerce companies are now utilizing tech at every turn to make sure that their internal processes are like clockwork, and that their bonds with their customers remain steadfast and secure. From AI-driven software solutions, automatization on a grand scale, all the way to personalized web experiences, e-commerce heavily relies on tech to deliver the kind of service the customer now eagerly expects. Here’s what’s the latest in the realm of tech that will have a profound impact on how e-commerce businesses move forward and impress their clientele.

Enabling voice search

Have you ever had a chance to interact with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri? These AI-driven digital assistants have become the stepping stone to changing how we search and how we shop for good. Already present in so many households across the globe, we can say that almost 40% of the entire US population uses voice-activated assistants. While we once thought that only younger generations were using this tech solution, the numbers now show that even seniors and kids are becoming more accustomed to the idea.

In essence, no matter what industry you’re coming from, your e-commerce business will quickly become dependent on your ability to enable voice search across your pages. Nowadays, the utilization of voice-activated assistants has enabled customers to make shopping decisions on the go and with their voices alone, thus using speech as a vessel for buying. Plus, using their voice makes it far simpler to leave reviews and comments on sites without the need to log in or waste time on typing. So, by empowering your customers to use their voice when shopping from your store, you’re effectively empowering your own business to appeal to a wider demographic and to stay on the cutting edge of innovation.

E-commerce expanding

Although at the very beginning, the notion of e-commerce was limited to the idea of selling goods such as books (a little trip back in time all the way to Amazon and the beginning of the internet), one could safely say that we have few limitations as to what we can find, sell, or purchase online today. Although e-commerce is still used to a great extent for the selling of goods and services widely available in physical stores all over the globe, certain specialized industries have now joined the e-commerce ranks thanks to the latest tech and digital innovations.

With elevated security, simplified browsing, and SEO, even businesses selling high-quality oilfield equipment have now joined the e-commerce world with ease. In addition to simple browsing, endless catalogs, and online payments getting more secure by the day, e-commerce has become a game-changer for major industries that were once limited to physical stores thanks to these and many other innovative tech solutions. It’s safe to say that e-commerce has expanded dramatically from its humble beginnings, and it encompasses products and services beyond our wildest dreams. 

Business is personal

Although the notion of personalization is far from a new one, it has become the cornerstone of e-commerce due to the rising popularity of selling online and each brand’s endless attempts to woo and impress their customers. In order to stand out, a business needs to go to great lengths in order to stay relevant and notable, and personalizing online shopping is one of those surefire methods that come with the promise of greater success. 

If numbers are any indicator, 74% of customers are frustrated when their online experience isn’t personalized, making it a valid reason to abandon an e-commerce brand. Thankfully, with refined search engines at hand, smart analytics tools, as well as a slew of AI-driven software solutions that can concoct reports in the blink of an eye, e-commerce brands can now truly be data-driven businesses, as well.

Understanding behavior patterns takes more than a skilled eye of a marketer, especially today when e-commerce companies are looking at hundreds, if not thousands of individuals visiting their site and making a purchase. In such a numbers-driven world, data is the key to success, and e-commerce is advancing fast thanks to AI and machine learning tools that are now empowering them to go above and beyond their regular capabilities in order to deliver a truly personalized experience every single time. 

Support without borders

Although customer support may have started in the form of a helpful store clerk uttering “may I help you?” as you enter a brick-and-mortar shop, online customers now have at their disposal a plethora of support options. Depending on where you are and what you want to buy, you can, for starters, use your voice assistant, or move directly to social media of any given e-commerce business to contact their ever-present support staff. Perhaps a vivid AI-driven chatbot will greet you upon entering the website, too.

Helpful contact forms and email aside, technology has enabled customers to get immediate help and answers through a range of tools that eliminate the need to wait. Communication and customer support have become so refined, that tech is the lifeblood of these personal interactions at every turn.

Although e-commerce has an endless potential to evolve, these tech solutions have proven to be of the essence for the survival and the success of many companies we love today. If your e-commerce brand is to stand a chance in this extremely competitive online shopping realm, use these tech tools to amplify your presence and appeal to your customer base with more success.