Perhaps you’re in the common situation of having a moderately successful Shopify store, but business has recently slowed. You’re not getting the growth you want, and only a small percentage of shoppers are new customers.

Now is the ideal time to take action so your site doesn’t become stagnant. Maybe you’ve already been thinking about how to get new customers, and if so, that’s great. These six tips will help cement your strategy. 

1. Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

If you haven’t updated your search engine optimization (SEO) in a while and have gotten new products since the last time you did so, making some adjustments could boost your Shopify traffic levels and ensure visitors stick around.

When people come across your site in a list of search engine results, click on it and discover that the products you sell match what they’re looking for, the likelihood of a purchase goes up. SEO can help that happen.

2. Reach Out to Social Media Users

Data collected by the Pew Research Center shows that 69% of U.S. adults are on Facebook. That statistic alone is an excellent reason to beef up Facebook promotions for your Shopify store. However, the 18-24 demographic, in particular, love using Snapchat. The good news about Snapchat and Shopify is that the social site added an integration in the spring of 2019. 

When you want to know how to find customers, social media is arguably a smart place to look. As you advertise, take care to use words and images that capture attention even when people are just browsing. 

3. Show Product Reviews to Indicate Responsiveness

When your goal is to increase Shopify traffic, the kind of e-commerce products you sell can influence what strategies work best.

For example, it’s extremely valuable for a retailer that sells clothing to include product reviews for people to read. Then, shoppers can comment about things that are difficult or impossible to gauge from a website alone, such as whether a garment is true to size or has soft fabric. 

Reviews can be worth including no matter what you sell because they give you opportunities to interact with shoppers. You can reply to reviewers to thank them or answer questions. Doing that conveys attentiveness, and it could help new shoppers see they can look forward to a positive experience if buying from your Shopify store. 

4. Create New Customer Discount Codes

Some people need an extra push to take the step of actually buying something from your store instead of merely thinking about doing it. You can increase their eagerness to purchase by making exclusive discount codes for new customers. You can then mention it in your social media posts or other promotional efforts.

A discount code gives you a chance to prove your Shopify store is all that new customers hope for and much more. A 2018 study from RetailMeNot found that 80% of respondents felt more encouraged to make a first-time purchase from brands if they had offers or discounts. Moreover, some people may be so satisfied with their shopping experiences that they pass the discount code to friends for them to use. 

5. Send Emails Geared Toward New Customers

Some people decide to sign up for a newsletter offered by a Shopify merchant, but they don’t make their first purchases after that.

Shopify recently made email marketing easier with a new product called Shopify Email. It integrates with your store and allows inserting brand assets directly into the content. You can also look at metrics that show how often a particular email caused a purchase. 

Study the content of your recent emails and see whether it encourages people to buy things, whether they have before or not. Aim to use language that positions your brand and merchandise as able to meet customer needs.

You can also send emails to new clients after their purchases. Zapier has an integration that instantly sends a welcome message from your Gmail account once your Shopify store gets a new customer. 

6. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Users

If your Shopify store does not cater to mobile users, potential customers may get so fed up that they decide not to buy after all. Similarly, even if a person makes a purchase, they may not do so again because it isn’t worth the effort. 

Information published in 2019 by eMarketer showed that mobile use surpassed TV-watching minutes for the first time last year. Mobile devices will stay prevalent in society for the foreseeable future. It’s smart to ensure your site is friendly to the Shopify traffic coming from mobile users. The ideal scenario is that your store functions just as well for a person on a mobile device as someone using a computer. 

Shopify Strategies Worth Attempting

Hopefully, the answer to the all-important question of how to find customers no longer seems so mysterious because you can try these six suggestions. You won’t get overnight results but coming up with a plan to increase your Shopify traffic and experimenting with the ideas here for an adequate amount of time should pay off.