If there is a doubt in anyone’s mind, let’s start by answering this question straightforwardly: your landing page’s design is very important and this is especially true for an e-commerce business.

It needs to be different from your home page because they are made with different intentions: a home page is there to raise awareness about your business and be informative, while a landing page is there to prompt customers to convert. 

But how can you make it more efficient? To help you make your landing page’s design as efficient as possible, here are a few tips to consider implementing. 

Personalize it to the maximum

Having in mind that people have been engaging in online shopping for a few years now, chances are that they have seen their share of default landing pages which are not the least bit engaging. It is wise to check out your competition to see what is working for them, but anything you wish to apply, you need to adapt it to your brand otherwise it would simply be off-putting.

Consider your target audience – does the current design strike a chord with them? Would they find the changes you intend to implement interesting? Does it evoke any emotions in them? Emotions have a way of influencing people to convert which is why all emotions are welcome and you can learn even from negative comments. So, personalize your landing page as much as possible, so that the first glance reveals clearly that it is you, and the second prompts your audience to convert. 

Add a noticeable CTA

Call-to-action buttons serve as a sort of a guide for website visitors: they have come to your landing page and now you need to usher them to another direction, that is, to the page where they can make a purchase. If the landing doesn’t hold clear clues as to how to get there, the visitors will turn from potential customers to just another number contributing to a high bounce rate.

When planning the design of the CTA button, copy plays a significant role because those words are what instigate a reaction. However, if customers cannot find that much information about your products online and if your landing page is the first time they are coming to contact with your brand, then ‘buy now’ would be too aggressive. Also, think about the colors: while the button needs to be noticeable, flashy colors are known to produce the opposite effect and instead of attracting, you would irritate your customers. 

Implement visuals

When it comes to drawing attention, visual elements are the king. Your target audience absorbs visuals faster than content and besides, most people have more patience and interest for visuals than for reading something. In this fast-paced world, time is of the essence, so if you provide them with visual content they can engulf in a matter of seconds or minutes, you will ensure an increase in the conversion rates. 

The beauty of visuals is that you have a number of formats via which you can present the content: images, videos, memes, infographics, etc. The trick is to combine the right copy with the right visual format to achieve maximum results. This is why many businesses choose to leave the copy and design creation to professionals in that business, such as Infostarters, to ensure that their efforts will resonate with your target audience. Besides motivating them to convert, such visual elements will also inspire them to spread the word about your brand.

Include customer reviews

Modern customers have grown up on commercials and they’ve seen every marketing trick in the book which means they won’t fall for some pretentious ad, regardless of whether you are new in the e-commerce business or you’ve been around for some time now. They trust reviews of their fellow customers more than anything and this is exactly the piece of information you need to leverage.

What you can do is to add social media buttons on your landing page, so they can take a look at the reviews on social media. Additionally, you can also include a few reviews at the bottom of the page, whichever you think is more convenient. However, make sure they can see both good and bad comments or otherwise, they will be skeptical about your products. Answering and displaying the negative comments is a wise move because you place an emphasis on transparency and your problem-solving skills.

Improve by observing user behavior 

Your job is not done once you implement certain changes. Many business owners believe that is enough and then they are flabbergasted when they learn that the improvements they introduced are not yielding the results that they expected them to. In that way, you are disregarding one of the most important elements of your e-commerce business – your customers. 

You need to monitor how they interact with those changes and record their opinions because what works for one group of people may not work that efficiently for other. One method you can try is A/B testing which is basically splitting your audience and exposing them to different variations of something to see which performs better. Your prospective customers are somewhere among that crowd of your landing page visitors so taking their opinion into consideration is a rational move. 

Over to you

Now that you know both the importance of a landing page and some tricks to make it more effective, it is time for your in-house or external team to get busy implementing these changes. What’s crucial though, is to tailor everything to your e-commerce business’s needs to get optimal results. Continue to monitor user behavior to be ready to tweak elements if need be. And all that remains is to observe as your sales start to skyrocket!