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Our Story

We would like to make the life of web store owners easier. We have 16 years of experience in Ecommerce and we also experienced the hardships of keeping your inventory up-to-date. We have our own webstore that we initially managed on our own. We realized that keeping the inventory up-to-date consumed hours from our day, so started to develop an inhouse solution. The software that we developed saved us money and time. We soon realized the demand for such solution, so made it even more perfect and now it is ready to be offered to do the same magic for other Shopify store owners.

It makes product import faster and easier

We offer the same quality of support to every user

Our mission is to help Shopify store owners flourish


Who We Are

Meet the team working to make inventory management and product upload&update easier for you!

Nikoletta Szabo
Nikoletta Szabo Online Marketing Manager

Barbara Racz
Barbara Racz Content Manager

Viktoria Sipos
Viktoria Sipos Backoffice Manager

Zsuzsanna Foldi
Zsuzsanna Foldi Front-end Developer

Zoltan Biro
Zoltan Biro Customer Success Manager

Akos Gulyas
Akos Gulyas Founder & CEO

Bernd Overbeck
Bernd Overbeck Senior Advisor, Global Sales Director

Beni Szoboszlai
Beni Szoboszlai Senior Custom Developer

Imre Tarsi
Imre Tarsi Senior Project Manager

Peter Tasnadi
Peter Tasnadi Senior System Engineer

Szabolcs Lovas
Szabolcs Lovas Head of Development

Gabor Koszegi
Gabor Koszegi Senior Back-end Developer

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