9 effective ways to promote your e-business

The e-commerce environment is extremely competitive, as millions of e-businesses are striving to get a piece of the big pie called the internet. Indeed, making your business stand out from the crowd is difficult and demanding both in terms of personal resources (time, attention, energy) and money (the budget spent on advertising).

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10 best practices to build an amazing e-commerce homepage

An astonishing 38% of all people will stop visiting your website if it’s unattractive, according to HubSpot. The most frequent culprit of bad impressions of your e-commerce website is the homepage. Because you’re unable to miss it, the homepage can put off a customer even before they explore your website.

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10 tips to understand your target audience better

One of the greatest advantages of the internet and the World Wide Web is that your target audience is always easily accessible. Billions of eyeballs are right there, ready to see what you have to offer, and some of them are even willing to spend their money on your products. But just because the audience is readily available, that doesn’t mean they will automatically give you their attention.

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How to create an effective e-commerce social media strategy?

The importance of a strong social media presence has never been more prominent than today. A consistent strategy will allow our e-commerce business to flourish, but keeping in touch with the ever-changing ecosystem of social media is a somewhat demanding task.

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Wizards and Shamans in marketing: How to achieve best results

The changes in the world of marketing are tectonic. They change so fast, it is almost impossible to keep in pace. And yet, there are marketing leaders that don’t just survive in this busy, competitive market. They succeed so often and so greatly, it gives others a feeling of awe and a sense of magic. In other words, they are considered the wizards and shamans in marketing.

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Top 50 products to sell in winter 2019

Winter is here and as the season changes, it’s time again to consider what products are worth selling in your online Shopify store. If you have troubles finding the best field to start trading in, then this list is for you with its 50 cool ideas.
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Content manager and e-commerce adviser at Syncee. Her passion is strong for e-commerce novelties, online stores, and Shopify. She is committed to helping others succeed by her writings.

Managing finances for small business

Managing finances can be a struggle for small business owners, especially in the early years of operation. Finding ways to cut costs while sourcing new customers and purchasing the required tools to keep the business running smoothly can be a headache. However, staying ahead of the curve is critical for success.
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Guest-blogger at Syncee. She is a super-connector who helps businesses find their audience online through networking. She frequently writes about the latest advancements in online business and e-commerce.

SEO best practices for your online store

Have you heard about Search Engine Optimization, SEO, before? Did you know that it is an essential and free solution to drive traffic to your store in the long-run? Keep reading to explore the solution.
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20 tips to boost e-commerce store sales this holiday season

Shopify store owners are aware of the importance of holiday season for their business. People buy presents. They buy stuff for themselves. So you get exposure to an enhanced need for making purchases. This can mean only one thing: you get to sell more.
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