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Syncee is a top-rated Shopify application with an in-app supplier catalog. Apart from this, we have unique product upload and update features, so we can also automatically manage any supplier’s products, and your own stock as well.

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Syncee Supplier Exchange

Choose any of the suppliers from our catalog and sell the chosen products in your Shopify store after installing Syncee.

Upload & update automatically

Find your niche and upload thousands of products easily into your Shopify store. Update their data automatically on a daily basis.

Save time and money

Save time by filtering your products with Syncee, and by automating and scheduling the management. Forget about manual processes.


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If you want a live demo with us to check how Syncee works, contact our team via the in-app chat and we can help.

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Manage any suppliers’ products from a data file

If you have your own supplier that is not from our catalog, use our well-known management feature


All major file types accepted

You can add .CSV, .JSON, .XML, .XLS(X) and .TXT files to Syncee. Use the easy-to-use drag and drop box to upload the files.

Wide-range of file sources supported

It does not matter how your supplier stores the products’ data, you can import the data feed file using a URL, secured URL, File upload, SFTP, FTP with SSL, FTP, Dropbox, Google Docs, Google Drive and One Drive. If you have API or SOAP connection, contact our support staff.


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Filter products you want to sell

If there are products in your source file you do not wish to publish to your store, simply leave them out by using Syncee’s filtering options.

Clear items from the file feed using the Basic Filter

Choose products you need or don’t need based on criteria like SKU, Vendor etc.

Do not upload products that does not have an image in the feed

Bulk pricing and Collection mapping

Connect your Shopify manual collections

Connect your product categories to your Shopify manual collections.

Add more categories to one collection

You can easily add more product categories to one Shopify manual collection.

Add fixed price margin

Add fixed price margin to every product in your feed to increase your sales.

Add percentage-based profit

You can add fixed and percentage-based margin to your products at the same time.

Manage general and collection prices

You can add price margin not only to your products on average, but to your collections as well.

Create tiered pricing model

Create price ranges and add separate fixed and percentage margin to each of them.


Automate your task

Review your settings on a transparent platform. Evaluate the results of your settings and schedule the running of your task.

Set email notifications and reports

Schedule your update or upload to run any time you want

Start importing your products!

Export Product Data

Syncee enables you to export products from your Shopify store


Export product data to become a supplier

Syncee enables you to export product data from you Shopify store into a CSV file, making it easier to connect with drop shippers and retailers. Be listed in Syncee’s in-app supplier catalog, the Syncee Supplier Exchange, broaden your business.