Syncee Supplier Exchange

Syncee Supplier Exchange

Increase your sales by being featured in our supplier catalog

Increase your sales by being featured in our supplier catalog

Become a supplier

Be listed in the Syncee Supplier Exchange


Why is it beneficial for suppliers?

Syncee integrates suppliers’ product data into its in-app supplier catalog, the Syncee Supplier Exchange from a source file free of charge. Registered Shopify retailers can browse the list of trustworthy companies thus suppliers can broaden their customer base and get more orders.

Reach 800k+ potential Shopify retailers

Connect with thousands of Shopify merchants. Join suppliers from all around the world and allow new retailers to upload and sell your products. Be listed in our in-app supplier catalog.


Extra fast upload service for your customers

More orders

Bigger customer base

Free product integration

Constant product updates

Over the top support

Work with a top-rated app

Be featured in Syncee’s supplier catalog, the Syncee Supplier Exchange, where thousands of merchants browse for new suppliers. Become a Syncee supplier and reach even more customers by advertising your products in the catalog absolutely free of charge. If you just started to think about becoming a wholesaler, this is the best initial step you can take.

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Connect with Merchants

Join suppliers from all around the world and allow new customers to upload/update your products


Be part of the network

Join other suppliers who already show their products to retailers who are seeking to enrich their inventory. You just simply need to fill out a form with the necessary data, and it will be evaluated ASAP by Syncee’s team. To be listed you only need to give us an always updated product feed file in any formats like .CSV, .XML, .XLS(X), .JSON or .TXT with all the crucial info. We can use URL, secured URL, (S)FTP, Dropbox or Google Drive as a source. If you have API or SOAP connection, contact our support staff.

Let new customers find you

Registered merchants will be able to browse among the supplier directory for products they wish to sell. They are able to upload new products to their Shopify store within a couple of minutes using Syncee. This is all free of charge for the suppliers, it is only the customers who have to pay for the product management.


Join other suppliers and be more successful

For free of charge!

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