SEO best practices for your online store

Have you heard about Search Engine Optimization, SEO, before? Did you know that it is an essential and free solution to drive traffic to your store in the long-run? Keep reading to explore the solution.
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Head of Business Development at Syncee. Professional in SaaS & startup marketing, social media, and e-commerce. Passionately seeks new business opportunities, executes marketing campaigns and always ready to write new articles on the industry.

5 easy tweaks to double your sales in one year

Sales functions are evolving as technology is evolving. There’s a lot of methods now that e-commerce entrepreneurs can use to scale up their business results. Let’s take a look at some tweaks!
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Guest-blogger at Syncee. Blogger, Content Developer & Editor. Amberlynn is a Content Marketing Professional and is an integral part of DataCaptive since its inception. She holds a passion for tracking new changes in the ever-evolving business world and putting them down in the form of blogs to encourage intelligent discussions & thought exchange. Apart from writing, reading fiction and thriller novels are her major interests.